Friday, 9 October 2009

TGI Friday

Yay, it's Friday and once again please find links to the blog posts that have rocked my world this week. This week was full of a lot of quality posts but after a lot of umming and urring, these were the posts that made my top five.

Brown Girl Gumbo
Check out BGG's review of the film that everyone is talking about - Good Hair.

Disney Roller Girl
What makes a fashion designer? Well Disney Roller Girl discuses this in her post.

Ms K.Hart gives us an hilarious account of her trip to the hairdressers. This is so funny.

Since emails, texting and instant messengers, no one puts pen to paper anymore, but check out this lovely note.

Habitually Chic
This week was all about the shocking new policy by the FTC that stated that bloggers must declare any freebies or payments they receive. Read Habitually Chic's fantastic response.

2 cool comments:

Anonymous said...

Is 'Good Hair' going to make it in the UK?

Ondo Lady said...

Good Hair is showing at the BFI Southbank on 6th Nov at 8.45pm. There will be a Q&A with Nelson George after.