Sunday, 4 October 2009

Retro Review: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Janey Glenn played by Sarah Jessica Parker loves to dance and has only one dream which is to appear on Dance TV (DTV), the ultra hip channel in Chicago. On her first day at a new school she makes friends with Lynne Stone played by Helen Hunt who is also a dance enthusiast and when they hear that DTV are holding a competition for dance regulars, they vow to get in on the act. However, Janey's ever so strict ex-army father barely allows her to leave the house so she is forced to sneak out of the house. Meanwhile across town Jeff Malene played by Lee Montgomery is aiming for the same dream as well. He is spurred on by his best friend Drew played by Jonathon Silverman and little sister Maggie played by Shannon Doherty.  At the regional competition Jacey and Jeff both make the cut for the finals are paired together to compete for a coveted place on DTV. However their plans are constantly sabotaged by Natalie Sands played by Natalie Gagnier, a rich, spoilt and pampered princess who is determined to get a place on DTV  at all cost. Do they win the competition? Of course they do! Do they live happily ever after? What a dumb question. Is the film a lot of fun? Hell yeah!

Helen Hunt and Jonathon Silverman do a great job as the witty side kicks and Shannon Doherty is hilarious as the spunky Maggie, while Sarah Jessica Parker and Lee Montgomery really sparkle in this cute and sweet little film.  Girls Just Want to Have Fun is from a batch of movies that emphasised on the concept of the body beautiful which was highly prominent in the 80s. This movie is also regarded as one of the greatest of it's era and I guess it is the Step Up 2 the Streets of it's time. Interestingly, I hear that Girls Just Want to Have Fun is to be remade into a modern version starring Miley Cyrus. I can't say I am surprised as everything in the 80s seems to be turned into a rehash.  I am not sure how I feel about Miley Cyrus in the role though. 

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