Saturday, 5 February 2011

Fashioning February: Digital Fashion

A talk on Digital Fashion at the Apple Store with blogger, Disney Roller Girl and Vogue's Robin Derrick.

On Thursday I popped down to the Digital Fashion event at the Apple Store in Covent Garden. It comprised of the newly outed Disney Roller Girl discussing the relationship between fashion and technology with Robin Derrick. Robin works for UK Vogue as creative director and designed their iPad app. As you can imagine the venue was packed and filled with fashionistas, publishing types and bloggers as well as a few students who had come to the talk for material for their dissertations. The event was very engaging and Robin Derrick raised many interesting points on the future of magazines, fashion, the relationship between PRs and brands and what he told us what he really thought about bloggers.

"The PR industry is redundant as the brand owners are going over the heads of PRs and talking directly to bloggers."

"Shopping destinations are becoming more editorialised, magazines will become more like retail but it is not the future."

"Bloggers can get a little full of themselves."

New faces breaking into the fashion industry.
"It is very hard to introduce new talent into the fashion industry but new talent f**ks up more than old talent."


Check out the Vogue app that Robin designed for the iPad below.

The Vogue app for the iPad designed by Robin Derrick which was displayed at the Digital Fashion event at the Apple Store.

Digital Fashion will be available on iTunes shortly.

PS: Sorry for the jerky camera action but my arm was hurting plus those three lovely but lethal cocktails from the River Island event before did not help.

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That's Not My Age said...

Good wasn't it? Sorry I missed you but I was feeling pretty rough. Be nice to meet up soon - maybe with Navaz?