Sunday, 20 February 2011

Fashioning February: Industrie

I heard about this magazine last year and I have been dying to get my mitts on it ever since. Industrie is a magazine that covers the culture of fashion and the personalities that run it and when the launch issue dropped last May with Anna Winour on the cover, all the fashion blogs and websites went into overdrive. The publication is the first of its kind and is published twice a year. The editors-in-chief and publishers are Erik Tortensson And Jens Grede of Saturday Group, which is one of the world"s leading marketing and entertainment groups who have offices in London, Paris and LA. Tortensson and Grede created Industries because they saw a gap in the market for a fashion magazine aimed at people who work in the industry. So after putting their heads together they came up with Industrie which is an ultra glossy beauty of a magazine. I managed to nab a copy of the second issue in the BFC press room at Somerset House (home for London Fashion Week) on Friday and spent Saturday morning reading it.

Industrie is divided into two sections; The New Creative Establishment and The Power Brokers. The New Creative Establishment is a list of people who have the biggest creative clout and those who have inspired others. Designers, editors, online entrepreneurs, fashion schools and stylists are all celebrated. There are in-depth features with the power brokers in the fashion business such as former designer, Miguel Androver who was the brains behind the I Heart New York shirt, Ivan Bart who runs IMG Models, Didier Grumbach who heads the board of Paris Fashion Week and iconic art director, Fabien Baron. There is also an 18 page special on Kate and Laura Mulleavy who own the Rodarte label. The feature on Marc Jacobs is quite something; for a start it is printed on glossy paper as opposed to matt like the other pages and Marc is styled by Katie Brand from Pop magazine and LOVE fame. Industrie ends with a great thought piece about the future of independent superbrands and whether young talent is being snapped up by the big houses instead of setting the world alight with their own labels.

Industrie Magazine Issue 2 from Saturday on Vimeo.
As you would expect from such a flamboyant industry, the magazine is large in every way. For a start it is huge in size - A3 to be exact and it is full of chic black and white pics and printed on matt paper. The front cover is very provoking as it features a certain Marc Jacobs dressed up as a woman. Industrie is a powerful magazine and one that takes fashion seriously but without over intellectualising everything. It features people and tackles topics that are relevant in fashion today and it is just what fashionistas deserve. You can have a look at second issue of Industrie on the video above.

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Danielle said...

Hey, we were queue buddies at the Jazz Katze show - just checking in on your site, wanted to let you know I think its really good! Admire your ability to gather interviews & contributions. Hope you're enjoying the rest of your LFW