Monday, 21 February 2011

Fashioning February: Gemma Goes Behind the Scenes at Fashion East

Despite the many rewards, it can be very isolating working from home - daunting even so I have the radio on to keep me company. Talk radio can be a bit dry and I find non stop music a bit of a headache but Radio 1Xtra offers a mixture of music and light conversation covering topical issues. I started listening to Gemma Cairney when she co-hosted a morning show with Trevor Nelson on BBC Radio 1Xtra. Gemma who is a stylist by trade and a graduate of the BRITS school provided a lot of witty banter alongside her mate and mentor. So when the bosses of Radio 1Xtra had a bit of a reshuffle late last year, it was no surprise that Gemma landed her own show. The Gemma Cairney Show is now in its eighth week and offers a mixture of music, entertainment and gossip with a girlie slant. Gemma also taps into elements of pop culture by exploring trends such as fashion, blogs, music and films. Her past guests have been designer, Fred Butler, blogger, Laetitia Wajnapel from Mademoiselle Robot and Victoria White who edits Company magazine.

Gemma will be covering London Fashion Week in a big way; tomorrow she will be backstage at the Fashion East show watching them prepare for their much anticipated show. She will be the Topshow venue in East London getting stuck in the middle of things; observing hair being teased, lipstick being applied, models rushing about, stylists and make up artists frantically working hard and the designer trying to keep it all together. Fashion East is the cutting edge of London Fashion Week as it showcases pioneering new talent who are at the stage of their careers. The initiative receives funding from Topshop, TOPMAN and the London Development Agency. You will be able to experience the Fashion East show from the ears and eyes of Gemma. A few years ago there was a dearth of women radio presenters who really spoke to women but I am glad to see that this has been addressed with Sherry Dixon on Bang 103.8 and the ladies at Colourful radio.

Tune into the Gemma Cairney show tomorrow at 1pm on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

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