Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Fashioning February: My Space - Dani Sauro from FerOHHHsh

Well New York Fashion kicks off today and all the fashion addicts all over the world will be watching to see what key looks will be storming the shops next season. Also looking on will be Dani Sauro who is editor-in-chief of FerOHHHsh which is a style site that brings us all that is hip in the world of fashion and beauty. Native New Yorker, Dani juggles her day job as an account executive for a top PR company while contributing articles to stylebakery and Iheartheels. She will be at New York Fashion Week eyeing up the new trends by various designers.

Describe the concept of FerOHHHsh.
FerOHHHsh started as a place for me to document things I'd come across on the web and loved and share them with others. It started out really niche, but is growing as my readers grow. It certainly still has a clear editorial voice, which I think distinguishes it from other sites. And I don't cover every industry peep, as some of the bigger sites do. I try to remain true to our readers and their interests...and ours. If I don't care about the latest nine west collaboration, why would I cover it on the site? I won't. My readers appreciate that.

Where do you scribe?
Lately I find that I write from everywhere. I mostly write from my home computer, in my bedroom but find that even while out I'm constantly twittering, making note of story ideas and brainstorming. But the real in-depth work takes place on my good old desktop computer.

Why that place?
It's convenient. Everything is within reach, and most of my files are on this computer. As much as I love live blogging events, I just can't get as much work done on my laptop. Maybe it's mental, but I work best at my desk.

What is on your desk at the moment?
A cluster f*** of crap. Makeup brushes, cosmetics, coffee mug, notepad, pens, samples/products sent to me by PR reps, magazines, (currently) fashion show invites and my blackberry.

What form of inspiration do you have on the wall?
I'm pretty minimalist in design and don't have a lot of stuff on the walls. I have a memory board above my desk that has pictures, mail, receipts, magazine tears; anything that I want to keep track of. It changes a lot, but currently includes a Sephora catalog, tear from Aug 2008 New York Mag featuring Anna Sui's closet design, paint colour cards, some photos as a child, with friends, with my brother, and my New York Fashion Week pass from last season.

Do you keep a tidy office or are you a messy worker?

Messy! It starts out tidy, but soon stress trumps my OCD and before I know it there's a pile of junk without a home. I really should straighten it up right now...

New York Fashion Week starts today, what will you be looking out for in terms of trends and events?
I'm hoping to be wowed. I feel like the last few seasons were just regurgitations of the same old trends. Neon, neutrals, rocker. Blah. Blah. I'd love to see something fresh and exciting. I'm really looking forward to see what Mizrahi does, I LOVED his presentation last season. Alex McQueen is showing for the first time, so that's super exciting. And maybe the biggest news, Marc Jacobs is live streaming his show this season....which I think is only the beginning and many designers will soon follow suit. They'd better start working on super servers to handle the traffic!

You can read Dani's blog here.

You can follow her on Twitter here.

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