Friday, 5 February 2010

Fashioning February: TGI Friday

After a mini hiatus TGI Friday is back and this week to tie in with our Fashioning February special we have links that are style and fashion related. So once again here are the links that have rocked my world this week.

Stylist and the City
Burberry muse and Harry Potter star, Emma Watson has become quite the fashionista and this blog talks about her collaboration with ethical fashion brand, People Tree.

Yoruba Girl Dancing
The ever so witty Yoruba Girl tells us about her great love for all things Cath Kidson.

Disney Roller Girl
Teeny blogger, Tavi Gevinson has recieved a bit of a bashing from the press recently, Disney Roller Girl discusses the Tavi-Gate drama and tells everyone to lay off her.

Inspire the Starling
This blog post examines the snobbery between people who work for designer labels and the ones who work for high street brands.

London Fashion Week announced that they were finally going digital and would be streaming shows live. In2mee talks about the impact of this and which designers she will be looking out for during the event.

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