Friday, 26 February 2010

Fashioning February: TGI Friday

This is the last week of Fashioning February and I have an amazing amount of fun. London Fashion Week (LFW) came and went and yet again there were a fabulous amount of posts. Like two weeks ago it was a very hard decision to narrow it done to five links but I got there in the end. So with no further ado, here are the posts that have rocked my world this week.

Oh Elle
You know you have arrived when Topshop comes knocking on your door. Disney Roller Girl, Coco's Tea Party and Oh Elle were invited down to Topshop's flagship store to host a blogging workshop. The lovely Elle gives us a recap of the day.

Coco's Tea Party
Following the blogging workshop, Coco has kindly put together a list of blogging tips for newbie bloggers.

Kate Loves Me
This week was all about London Fashion Week and Pelayo gives us a pictorial lowdown on his time at LFW. I just love the We HEART KateLovesMe cards that he has all the fashionistas holding up.

Marian Kihogo
It wasn't just the clothes that got everyone hot under the collar, bloggers also breathing hard over their behaviour at shows and in the press room. Read this insightful and very honest commentary from Marian on her thoughts about the behaviour of bloggers at LFW.

Disco Nap
Sitting on the side of the fence was this spunky blogger who decided to speak up and give her side of the story. It certainly made interesting reading.

Picture taken from Oh Elle.

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