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Fashioning February: My Space - Laetitia Wajnapel from Madmoiselle Robot

My first impression when landing on Laetitia Wajnapel's blog was "Wow, what a gorgeous place to be." Mademoiselle Robot is a blog that covers fashion and lifestyle in the form of beauty, interiors, styling but it also embracing it's girlieness with great layout, heart shaped plugins and cute polaroid snaps of Laetitia. Since she has been blogging Laetitiia has made a made for herself in the the blogging community and this has resulted in her gaining a lot of media coverage. She is now the proud owner of an extremely bulging online press file. She even takes vlogging to a new level with her own TV channel MRTV which can be found on her blog. Laetitia will be at London Fashion Week observing the new looks by fashion designers such as Topshop and co. I caught up with her to find out where she writes her blog.

Describe the concept of Mademoiselle Robot.
Mademoiselle Robot is a fashion and lifestyle website with a vintage twist. I focus mostly on style, not so much about fashion. I am generally more interested in looking at clothes because of how they help people feel good and be themselves. Because of my focus on style, I branch out and also write about beauty, interiors and have regular interviews with people I like about their own experiments with style

Where do you scribe?
Mademoiselle Robot is my half of my day job (the other half is so I work from home, which is perfect for me as I work best on my own. I have a little office/work space in a corner of the living room which consists of my desk, a bookshelf and a few bits and bobs on the wall.

Why that place?
I used to have my desk in the bedroom but I found it was making me too lethargic, so I moved it to the living room. It really is the only other place I could have it so there aren't any specific reasons.

What is on your blogging space at the moment?
My desk is quite minimal, I have a 30s mirrored tray, a lamp, my filofax, sometimes a couple of magazines, and whatever I am working on at the moment.

What form of inspiration do you have on the wall?
I don't really have inspiration per se on the wall. I mainly have things that make me feel happy, pictures of my family, of baby animals, bits of ribbon, I have a Miranda July poster behind me and a bunch of old family photos that I have framed. I keep a moodbook in which I compile pictures of things that inspire my outfits but I don't feel the need to have them on display all the time. My inspiration process is quite organic, it comes from what I experience day to day and also from whatever is in my head at the time. If I forget, then it means it wasn't that inspiring, which is why I don't tend to put things up around me. I feel they actually limit my imagination rather that stimulate it.

Do you keep a tidy office or are you a messy worker?
I keep a very tidy office. Everything has a place. I also tidy my desk every day when I am done working. I find it helps me focus if things are tidy. Tidy desk = tidy mind.

You can read Laeitita's blog here.

You can follow her on Twitter here.

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