Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Fashioning February: My Space - Sarah Oyeleye from In2mee

Die hard fashionista, Sarah Oyeleye describes herself as a style neek; someone who is obsessed with fashion and style. When she is not attending fashion shows and eyeing up previews collections she can be found penning stories for myfashionlife and doing the odd bit of djing. She also shares her passion for fashion, music and design in her blog In2mee which she set up in 2007. You can expect to find Sarah roaming around Somerset House in a few weeks when London Fashion Week kicks off where she is hoping to catch Holly Fulton, Hannah Marshall, Basso and Brooke and VW Red LabelI caught up with her to find out where she writes her ever so stylish blog.

Describe the concept of In2mee.
In2mee started as a platform for my work. I wanted to sculptures/models and other things i was doing for my degree. I thought that this would be a great way to show prospective employers what I can do. It didn't take long for it too become an outlet and a platform for all my creative thoughts, loves and interests.Its what I love on my terms an in-2-mee snapshot of my imagination communicating creativity. Mee means 'beautiful' and I feel like everyones thoughts are beautiful as they are so unique to themselves but once expressed its amazing to see the minds thought process.  

Where do you scribe?
I scribe all over the place, but I love my lappy on my lap on the sofa which has a gorgeous glass table i can pull up along side me to put my laptop on when it gets crazy hot, Im sure my legs have got darker! I know you shouldn't put your laptop on your legs especially if you work for long hours. So that's where the glass table comes in handy. For this year I want to work on my posture so  i have been working at the desktop more.

Why that place?
The sofa is where i can just chill and put on my music or some background noise and just start writing. I can work with a little noise around me, I am a boxset kinda girl i can put on Sex and the City in the background and watch season after season after season. My sofa is my own little office. I can rule the world from my sofa! ha ha. Laptop, blackberry and my thoughts. The writing comes quick and easy and I feel completely comfortable.
What is on your sofa and desk at the moment?
My sofa/desk messy-ness consists of notebooks, candles, always some miss placed jewellery, post it notes, a few magazines, nail polish, lip gloss and whatever I am currently reading.

What form of inspiration do you have on the wall?
Photos of friends, some fashion bits and bobs, beautiful images of flowers for example, interesting pictures i take of people or things. Just stripped down some oldies want some new inspiration and eye candy!I am very visual i love colour but still appreciate a beautiful black and white photo. So i need to start digging through my image folders.

Do you keep a tidy office or are you a messy worker?
I would say I am tidy but i have explosive moments where there is paper everywhere, a juice box, bottle of water, sweet wrappers and I have to spend a couple of hours re grouping. I can't work in mess, i feel like what i see. So if my space is messy i start projecting that and it just hinders my flow of work.

You can read Sarah's blog here.

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