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Fashioning February: Susie Bubblicious

There are bloggers and there are popular bloggers and then there is Suzanne Lau aka Susie Bubble, the founder of Style Bubble which is one the most popular blogs on the globe. Wander onto fashion blogsphere and you would be hard pushed to find a mere soul who has not heard of Susie and her blog. Thanks to endless media coverage and appearances at fashion and blogging events, the 25 year old is sort of blogging royalty. She started Style Bubble almost four years ago as a hobby and it had grown beyond her wildest dreams. 

What made you start blogging? 
A dull and boring job and a geeky desire to start 'another website' (I had previously made some very poor attempts at websites...) Thankfully the blog was a keeper. 

Describe the concept behind Style Bubble.  
It's a very selfish endeavour to document my own experiences, observations and thoughts on fashion.  It's not meant to be informative as such but it's about presenting my style universe, all the designers, shops and finds that I discover and also my own personal style journey. 

Over the last year bloggers have really made their mark at fashion shows and in the media, how do you think they will continue to push the boundaries over the next few years?  
There aren't erally any boundaries to push as such other than bloggers being assimilated into mainstream media etc. Bloggers attending fashion shows is one natural step if bloggers are being treated as part of the 'press' bracket. They'll attend presentations, go on press trips and receive product like just press too.  I'm more interesting in seeing the 'Bloggers Only' tailor-made events that brands are engaging with. I think it's interesting when brands provide blogger-specific resources in order to engage with bloggers. 

The success of your blog is really stuff that dreams are made of, do you ever get stressed about maintaining such a high standard?
I'm not sure whether the blog is of that high standard.  Somebody on Twitter asked 'Is Susie Bubble all she is cracked up to be' and it worries me that people have these high expectations of me.  I never claimed to be 'all that' as it were and it's sort of unfortunate that there's been this negative effect of the amount of press the blog has, that there will evidently be this backlash... I'm prepared to hold my hands up though and say "Hey I am in fact NOT all I'm cracked up to be" so it's ok. 

What do you do when you are not working on your blog? 
I'm at work, enslaved to my desk at Dazed. Outside of that though, I love eating out, exploring new places in London and just hanging out. Quite chilled really to relieve myself of a hard day. 

Describe a typical day in the life of Susie Bubble. 
Well actually a typical day just revolves around staring at my iMac and surfing. If I do get let out to play, I'm out visiting designers, shops, events, openings etc.  Then it's back to the iMac again, image batch resizing and fiddling around with codes.  Exciting stuff, no? 

Where do you source your stories from?  
All over the place - mostly from in-person experience.  I get a lot of email leads which I follow up on.  Some are from what's already on the web. 

What are your favourite glossy magazines? 
10, Encens, Plastique, Dazed, Another, i-D.   

Name five blogs that you read religiously 

You have become something of an icon in blogsphere, how do you see Style Bubble evolving over the next two years? 
I don't really have any long term plans - just carrying on would be an achievement in itself given that quite often, my time is not my own.

You can read Susie's blog here.

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