Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Fashioning February: Olivia Hearts New York

I came across this fantastic video last week on Diary of a Fashion Muse which features PR lady, Olivia Palermo showing off her favorite haunts in NYC. Olivia Hearts New York is produced by FashionAir which was set up by music mogul, Simon Fuller and is quickly proving to be a real force in online fashion. The documentary is part of a lifestyle series which features stylish women living in stylish cities. I was immediately drawn into the video because not only is it very slick it is also produced in a very quintessential way. I also loved watching the fabulousness of a la Palermo. Olivia Palermo for those who do not know stars in the reality show, The City where she is seen working as an editor at Elle magazine. She also known for impeccable poise and fashion sense so I was piqued to see where she hung out in New York. We see her in Calypso Room whee she shops for stuff for her new apartment in Brooklyn, picking out some cool pieces in Topshop, at Hair Party 24 Hours getting her nails done, shopping for some ballet flats at Foot Sole and at The Standard where she chills out for the evening.
As well as Olivia in NYC you can also watch Erin Hearts Paris with the fashion designer, Erin Fetherston taking us round Paris and Daisy Hearts London with model, Daisy Delevigne hanging out in London. The Heart slogan has been used in abundance over the last few years and you have to admit it is one pretty cool slogan. So it is no surprise that FashionAir have adopted the phrase for this lifestyle series which features high profile fashionistas showing us round their chic cities. We see Erin lounging around in Paris in places likeToraya where she relaxes with a cup of tea, David Mallet where she gets her hair done, Palais Royal where goes to have a moment of relaxation and Bibliotheque des arts decoratifs to pick up books and art stuff. Daisy shows off London's eclectic side by taking us to Chanel in Brompton Cross, Daylesford Organic where she not only buys her food but also relaxes with a cup of coffee, Les Senteurs to pick out a present for a mate, the Electric Cinema where she catches a film with some chums and Firehouse where she spends her evening drinking and dancing the night away. A city is very much what you make of it particularly large ones like NYC, London and Pars. They mean different things to different people. So what happens is that people create havens for themselves ie mini communities that they live in with shops, cafes, bars and restaurants that they frequent.

You can catch the rest of the videos on FashionAir here.

Picture taken from Diary of a Fashion Muse.

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