Friday, 19 February 2010

Fashioning February: TGI Friday

Whoopee!! London Fashion Week kicks off today and aside from losing my Blackberry, (why do I feel like I have lost my BF?) I am really pumped up for it. This week has produced yet another round of amazing blog posts so here we are with the ones that have rocked my world.

Fashion Editor at Large
Fashion bloggers are taking over the world, correction they have already taken over what with the massively successful Evolving Influence Blog Conference on Monday and now they are featured in US Vogue. Respect!

Wendy Brandes Jewelery
The enigmatic Wendey Brandes gives us the lowdown on the Evolving Influence Fashion Blog Conference which she took part in.

Your Private Shopper
The stylish Kristina was featured as one of the most stylish women on cyberspace by the mighty Forbes magazine. She was so chuffed that she decided to write a post about it and listing the other women on the list.

Disney Roller Girl
DRG looks at the evolution of fashion shows and the whole ethos behind them.

Marian Kihogo
All week the lovely Marian has been featuring the players of London Fashion Week and finding out how they are preparing for the five days full of fashion, parties and champagne. In this post she interviews Joy Vieli, a model and DJ who expects to be very busy during the event.

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